San Diego’s Chicago Not Dogs Opens Brick-and-Mortar Today



Chicago Not Dogs gives San Diegans the chance to sample the Windy City’s most beloved dishes without having to travel far. Classic Chicago-style hot dogs, chili cheese dogs, and Italian beef-like sandwiches are just a few of the menu items to try. The business was run as a pop-up at farmers’ markets and that wasn’t enough for the SoCal gourmets to find their solution. To meet demand, Chicago Not Dogs is opening a restaurant in North Park today!

Brian and Susan Gervase moved from Chicago to San Diego and struggled to find their favorite sandwiches – especially a vegan version. Like real business people, the couple decided to fill that void in the food industry by creating Chicago Not Dogs to share their hometown flavors that fit their vegan lifestyle. What began as an occasional pop-up at farmers’ markets is now becoming a stationary restaurant.

Chicago Not Dogs’ new store replaces what used to be The Modern Vegan. It’s an open air restaurant with lots of TVs and a trendy bar. To make things even better, there will be a purely vegan market attached to the restaurant to showcase food and products from other local vegan suppliers.

Vegan Regional Goods, or VRG for short, is a place to buy basic groceries and baked goods, as well as bath and personal care products. The range of products in San Diego’s newest Vegan Market includes a variety of hard-to-find vegan items like white chocolate chips from MarcieSweets, ice cream sandwiches from Soul Baked, date-sweetened double chocolate chips from Tracy’s Real Food, and more!

Brian and Susan shared that the core menu at Chicago Not Dogs “came from decades of tastings and experiences before we embarked on our own vegan journey.” The couple source the most authentic ingredients that make Chicago-style food famous and use a combination of ingredients – from iconic Beyond Meat and Field Roast Franks to homemade Italian beef seitan loaves and fried chicken the local SoCal restaurant. Original herbivore.

The most iconic item on the menu is the Chicago-style Not Dog, which is made with a field roast frank, tomato wedges, sport peppers, onions and a cucumber spear with relish, mustard and a pinch of celery salt. Other dishes we can’t wait to include are the Fried Chick’n Sandwich, Chili Cheeze Dog, and Italian Beaf Sandwich. The restaurant team has announced plans to serve alcoholic beverages (like Pabst Blue Ribbon beer) but are still working on securing their liquor license.

And now to the most important things – location and opening times. Chicago Not Dogs opens today (Friday, July 16) at 4332 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104. The restaurant is open Monday and Wednesday through Saturday from 11am to 7pm. For Sunday and Tuesday, Chicago Not Dogs plans to host vegan brunch and taco Tuesday events in the near future. For more information, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.


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